Earl (GOAT) Manigault

A person loved by everyone in the Harlem Basketball Community. Before Muhammad Ali used the term Greatest of All Time ( GOAT) after defeating Sonny Liston, the term Goat originally was a nickname given to Earl to shorten his last name MANIGAULT and his signature dunk ( two hands behind the head).
After a period of social adjustment Earl returned to the community and with help from community leaders established the GOAT First Community Basketball tournament in Morningside Park (118th St) 1972. A lot of other up and coming young basketball players were given a platform to display their talents and advice from Earl . For over thirty years Earl provided this platform and gave out some of the largest trophies in the history of Basketball awards.
Earl is being inducted into the Real Harlem Basketball Players Hall of Fame class of 2022 during Harlem Week. Show your love and support for Earl Manigault.


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