Sharone Wright, ‘The sense of entitlement’

Talking to an ex pro teammate about the sense of entitlement that some of these kids have when it comes to basketball. I walked up Canterbury rd and Key street each night after a Duck Richardson practice at 9pm. It’s called wanting it. Most of my teammates were from south Macon so they weren’t going my way to unionville. I just wanted it bad ! Nowadays they want it handed to them. It’s crazy.

I was always ridiculed and made fun of because I didn’t the best clothes or because I was way taller than everyone. Money was very very tight on welfare and we barely made it monthly. That feeling that you’re not good enough or cool enough. I experienced a lot of anxiety with school and how we lived.

But I kept going and dreaming-yet I understood that nothing would be handed to me ever! I learned from my coaches that you have to be strong and resilient. So when I see ungrateful athletes who want it handed to them it bothers me a lot. My own kids are this way at times. Part of that is my fault but I always wanted to work hard to get what they wanted.

Quick story… I’m in 5th grade and playing for a sixth grade team at Unionville under a man named Darrell Glover. He was a very tough coach but he was successful. I wasn’t the best on the team as that was Antonio Wooten and Willie Ware and two other kids. They all lived in the same area yet I lived in the bottom of unionville like 3 miles away. We were scrimmaging and coach laid into me saying I’m a wasted pick and that I’d never be a player. He was just trying to motivate me. In that scrimmage I decided then that I was not gonna take the smart remarks and put downs anymore so I got my courage up and outplayed everyone. I went from the ridiculed to a workhorse.

From then on I took names and tried to kill everyone. I was playing angry all the time yet the game was not fun for me. I was gonna show everyone who teased me all those years a lesson. Even as a pro I did this. I think it’s why when asked did I enjoy theNBA I always say no. Half the time I was too busy trying to prove a point to people in my life or neighborhood. Eve on a national scale as one of the best players in the world I was still searching for validation with people that didn’t matter.

I know this pointless to some of you but it’s just a passage on what matters and also how to not be entitled in your life. No one owes you anything. Go out and work for it.


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