Available: Adam Goetz (Kentucky Wesleyan)

Adam Goetz, a graduate from Kentucky Wesleyan, would like to start his professional career in Europe.
He is a excellent guard, who can handle both the 1 and 2 position. Is also a very good three-point shooter. The speed and shooting will be there. Goetz is a nice player on defense as well, averaging 1.07 steals last season.

“He was first team all-conference in a very good NCAA Division 2 league. He is a 2-guard that can play also the 1,” said Drew Cooper, the headcoach of the Panthers. ” Tough as nails and probably the best true shooter I’ve ever been around.”

Season          School                    TRB  AST    STL      PTS

2016-17    Mt. St. Joseph             3.55   2.18    1.05     12.91

2017-18    Mt. St. Joseph             3.23   1.96    1.12     12.50

2018-19    Kentucky Wesleyan     4.50   3.19    0.65     15.38

2019-20    Kentucky Wesleyan     4.62   3.52    1.07     16.69

Highlight video


Full Game


Full Game (this video begins toward the end of the first game of the night which was played before us/please scroll ahead for the Kentucky Wesleyan vs Malone game. This was in the conference tournament.



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