Mark Sanchez, “Winning is the ultimate satisfaction” – Nov 8, 2011 (by Fred Roggen)

Kwam deze nog tegen in mijn archief, een heel aardige en sympathieke figuur.

Forward Mark Sanchez (201-F-87, agency: Court Side, college: Boise St.) attended and played college basketball at Boise State University before crossing the Ocean to play professional basketball in Israel, and now he has been one of the most consistent and respected players in the Dutch Basketball league. He came to Leeuwarden as a pure ‘employee’, but now Mark Sanchez has become ‘one of us’.
Sanchez has become Lasaulec Aris go-to guy, the man able to change the spirit of the team. And the fans are in love with him. He crossed a road that had been crossed before him by other players. In this interview Mark talked about his career thus far.

team73You grew up in Tucson, Arizona what was your childhood like?
I grew up in a rough neighborhood on the south side of Tucson. While a lot of my friends were getting into trouble, I was lucky enough to have had great parents to lead me in the right direction. Being involved in sports also played a role in staying busy and not following in the footsteps of the negative people around me.

When did you first realize you had a talent for basketball?
I didn’t really get serious about playing basketball until my junior year of high school. I grew up playing baseball all of my life. I hit a growth spurt in high school which led me to excel at a higher level in basketball.

Mark, what will you remember about your time at BSU the most?
Playing for a Division 1 school as a whole was an amazing experience, especially with a great program like Boise State. If I had to pick just one memorable moment, it would have to be winning our conference championship and advancing into the NCAA tournament.

You have played more of a complete game last season for DeFriesland Aris. How have you raised your efficiency?
I worked out all summer to make sure I was ready for this season. I wanted to expand my game to be a more versatile player with better decision making.

markWhat drives you to be successful on the basketball court?
To be the best player I can be, and to play at the highest level possible. I never want to settle with just being ‘ok’.

What gives you the most satisfaction on the basketball court?
Winning is the ultimate satisfaction. I want to be able to play for a championship.

Following your career, one word that comes to mind is consistency. How do you maintain consistency in a sport full of ups and downs, good games and bad games?
Continuing to work hard and approaching every game the same way. It doesn’t matter if we are playing the first place team, or the the last place team I bring energy to my game and hopefully to my team.

What’s your mentality when the game is on the line in a pressure situation?
To make sure we execute our sets and not try to force anything.

What were the reasons Mark, extending your contract with Lasaulec Aris?
Knowing there were a lot of players returning and some key new additions, I knew we had a chance to compete at the top of this league. Leeuwarden is a great city to live in and the fans/supporters make me feel at home.

How does Coach Braal compare to previous coaches youve had?
Coach Braal brings a high level of intensity to our team. He stresses that regardless of outcome, we always have room to improve. He is great at individual development, which makes us stronger as a team.

What kind of intangibles do you think you bring to this team besides points and rebounds?
I’m big on bringing energy onto the floor and being a vocal leader.

Talk a little bit about how the season has gone so far. What have been some of the high and low points?
We’ve been a little inconsistant thus far, but continue to learn that day in and day out, any team can beat anybody in this league. We have to come to compete at the highest level each game and not take any nights off.

What does the team need to do to improve?
I think we need to be more of a defensive minded team and set an aggressive intensity early in the game.

Finally, how far can Lasaulec Aris go this season? Which are the goals for you, personally, and for your team?
I believe that our team has the ability to play for a championship this year. As long as we stay consistant, we have the talent and skill set to make a late push in the playoffs.


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